Each surface requires a specific type of paint.

To paint wood and metal successfully, you should use enamel
paint. Epoxy can also be used for painting steel sheets and is
especially recommended if you are going to paint in environments that
have contact with water, such as bathroom shower stalls, water tanks
and swimming pools. If you don’t use the right ink, you will have lost
money because you will have to do it again. Choosing the color well is
also important. This is a matter of taste. But not to lose money, test
the chosen color on the surface you are going to paint. It may be
beautiful in the catalogue, but when you put lighting, furniture, a more
or less prominent position on the wall of your house, it makes the
beautiful paint not match. Test first. Buy small packages and paint a
square on the wall. Apply two coats and let it dry and then decide if
that’s what you wanted. If you liked it, then it’s time to buy everything.
Opinion helps, but the opinion of someone who understands or has
already been through a situation is even better. Infinity Pro house painters winchester

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