How to choose the right paint for my house?

open paint cans on the floor of an empty room
Understanding the difference between acrylic and latex paint, among other types, can make it
easier to choose the most appropriate product for each case.
For the children’s room, for example, the options of acrylic paint (which can be washed) or
super-washable are more interesting, after all, we know that accidents such as unwanted
paintings, hand and foot prints can happen.
For the living room or for the interior areas of houses, latex paint can work perfectly, being a
more economical option and with a prettier finish.
Other essential tips are:
ask your painter for several 1m2 samples painted in different places in the paint colors you
want to use;
always choose a shade lighter than what you want, as both acrylic and latex tend to darken
after drying;
observe the colors of the samples at various times of the day, as the light is capable of
interfering with the result;
to create a more intimate environment, paint the ceiling with a darker color, as to make the
rooms wider, the tip is the opposite: paint the ceiling with a lighter color than the walls;
the matte finish creates more space than the glossy finish which is more enclosing. Therefore,
prefer matte finishes if you want to give a greater feeling of spaciousness;
highlight the entrance door in a different and more vibrant color than the rest of the house,
such as red or imperial blue;
for the outdoor area, it is important to renew the paint from time to time, such as every 9 or
10 months. Infinity Pro service house painting

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